Lou & Milk

Milk(Blanc) & Mel



Founded by Lou, with a career spanning over 20 years as a director for various luxury fashion brands such as TOM FORD and Calvin Klein, and a consultant for numbers of luxury brands. Lou and his associates have combined their knowledge and experiences in the luxury brand industry, extensive networks domestically and internationally and their personal experiences of spending most of their lives with dogs to present a selection of items to help people and their furry family to create a stylish space and lifestyle in harmony.
Blanmel is committed to introduce carefully curated items which creates a harmonious and stylish environment at home for people as well as their beloved dogs and cats.

Blanmel, luxury & stylish online concept store for dogs & cats with thoroughly curated from all around the world. Opening soon in 2024.

About us

The founder, Lou, has been living with dogs as part of his family for many years.

Lou first met a mixed-breed dog named Chiro in his childhood and spent 14 years together. Overcoming the sorrow of Chiro’s departure, Lou welcomed Max in his twenties, a black Shiba on the brink of euthanasia. After 14 years of life together, Lou was there for Max until the end. Then came Milk, a white Toy Poodle whom he met through an adoption organization. Milk remained a cherished member of the family for incredible 21 years until the end of 2022. Lou lovingly spent time with Milk until the very end, filling every moment with love.

Four years ago, a new furry friend named Mel joined Lou and Milk as a family. Mel brought new happiness to Milk’s twilight years. However, at the end of 2022, Mel suddenly began to experience separation anxiety when Milk passed away. To soothe Mel, Lou diligently trained and provided care every day, strengthening their bonds to try get though this challenging period together. One night, Lou felt as if departed Milk had come to convey a message to him. It seemed like Milk wanted Lou to pass on his eternal love to Mel and mentioned that it was love at first sight to her. Milk appeared grateful from heaven for the joy and comfort Mel had brought until his final moments. When Lou conveyed this message to Mel, her separation anxiety began to subside, and her heart became calm.

During Lou’s active involvement in the luxury brand businesses for a long time, both Milk from heaven and the four-year-old Mel have been always there to support him mentally.

As Lou gradually healed from the loss of Milk with whom he spent 21 long years together, the idea of combining his lifelong experience of living with dogs and the experiences and networks in the luxury retail industry began to take shape in Lou’s heart.

Our brand “Blanmel,” is named after combining the fluffy white (“Blanc” in French) of Milk and the caramel color of Mel, signifying both of his beloved companions.